ASC Region 1 Announces “Call for Proposals” for Training/Presentations at its upcoming Conference & Competition

The ASC Region 1 Leadership team is proud to announce this Call for Proposals to provide training or presentations at the upcoming 33rd Annual ASC Region 1 Conference & Competition in Albany, NY.  The ASC Regional Conference & Competition brings together the best and brightest up and coming construction talent while also allowing for exchange of ideas among industry partners and the faculty at the colleges and universities throughout the region.  A new part of the annual event, this will provide an opportunity for industry partners as well as faculty at the Region colleges and universities the opportunity to share learning, provide insights into the industry, and provide a way to connect with students both in the competition and those that may attend just to learn more.

Individuals and groups of presenters may respond to this call for proposals at this link:

Deadline for consideration of proposals is 1 October 2022.  Those individuals that present/give a training will receive a complimentary pass to the other training sessions at the conference & competition.  For more information, please contact the Region 1 Associate Director, Dr. Christine Fiori at 215-895-0925 or .

Also, please note that there remain sponsorship opportunities for the conference & competition (more information here:  For more information and in order to sign up as a sponsor, please contact Dr. Nadia Al-Aubaidy at 802-485-2271 or .

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your proposals!